About ILona Halderman

Art is my form of expression. In one form or another- Creativity has been a part of my life as long as I can remember.My grandfather was an artist, musician and composer. He  gave me empty cigarette boxes, scissors and glue to get me started in working with paper making cars and buildings. 


But my love of drawing and painting actually got its start when we moved to the US.  Not speaking English, not knowing anyone I retreated to an inner sanctum.  The first book, I checked out of the school library was Wind in the Willows. I couldn't read a single word instead started to copy every illustration from the book. It was the beginning of  my journey into the world of drawing and painting..


I create sculptures from stone and wood. The sculptures express themselves by their very shape and color – This – together with my evolving views on life leads to each individual sculpture. One such sculpture garnered me the Grand Prize in sculpture and I received an invitation to exhibit with the French Armed Forces in Paris, France.

Right now, fascinated even more by color, the brighter I can make a painting the better using the opposite hue on the color wheel to create the shadows. My paintings are no longer totally abstract; I think of them as expressive paintings.

Venturing from the whimsical to the more “serious” keeps my art fresh and interesting.

Ilona's short Bio

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